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CatNip Update

January 16th 2017 


New adventure pending. 

Life is what you make of it. 

Enjoy your family. 

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The Start of Our Voyage East 

Saturday December 10th 2016


The holidays near.🎅🎄🎉🎆🎊🎭


Adios West Coast 

  We travel to visit family and friends in Tennessee for the holidays.  So we treck 2000 some odd miles.  A voyage across the country.  We jumped  across the forty fith parallel, half way between the north pole and equator in Idaho.  Back on Mountain Standard time and onward from our western adventure and new found buds. Until we meet again.  Under the same moon we are west coast!

 To reestablish a hometurf along known lands will be nice.  Knowing the area of which I’m going next is refreshing after three months on the road exploring.  For what started as a two week trip that turned into a lifestyle choice before I could blink the season away.  For fall leaves which once speckled the valley’s now have a dusting of white powdery snow blanketed about.  Almost looking like sand that belongs to the mounds of rock and grassland. 

On we roll.  =)  First few days heading east we encountered tire blow outs along snowy Oregon mountain tops and stripped lug nuts in rest areas speckled through Utah and Idaho.  New wheels applied we continue on. Wandering wanderlusters heading back to known home lands of old.  We head first for friends in Colorado.  Where we will rest up before our voyage to the south.  Where the tea is sweeter and the draw is slower.  Where a destination 7 miles away can indeed take you nearly 40 minutes to get to with the winding mountain roads.  =) I am ready to rest up and get ready to see family.  Blaze up Hella while I still can in Colorado before heading out.  Got some fire nugs at Green Cross in Slit Colorado. An eight of Chuckles OG in hand we blaze our trail along the white River on 70 East.  The red rocks scream and yell out for attention below a fine layer of fresh snow that clings to them. The further we venture the snowier it appears.   Little did we know we where voyaging up into a winter snow storm atop one of the highest mountain passes in the united states. Slick icy conditions send cars wheels spinning helplessly up the sharp inclines. Trucks litter the shoulder stopped. Cops speckle the roads lights flashing ticketing trucks without snow chains for today they cause a huge problem. Glad to make it over the pass safely and in one piece. We rest now in SouthEast Colorado before we contine on South East for Tennessee. 

Until we meet again.  

Under the same moon. 

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Columbia River Thrills

****⚠WARNING ⚠*** 

⚠Mom Dad Grandfolks AND Family.  Explicit sexual personal content below. Viewer discretion is advised.  ⚠ 

Here is my rewrite.  The first was posted, then I felt it needed editing,  then goofed and it was all lost.  Good one girl 👌

Here goes nothing.  

You are welcome for the drool worthy photos by the way.  😙


Columbia River.  Washington Side.  


I embark down a trail heading up river from our camp spot nestled by a rickety sketchy dock along Cliffs Park blm lands in Washington.  The Columbia River flows beside me and I watch as a train chugs past across the river,  along the Oregon side.   I walk down the narrow dirt path that is atop a little hill that then slopes down where a canopy of low hung tree bushes which lay in abundance. A train track on on either side of the river.  Yellow green dots of leaves rustle in the wind playfully.

The leaves whisper in the gentle wind. 

  A small pond lay to the left the Columbia flowing steadily by my side on the right.  With a patch of land that calls out to me in the most playful of ways.  I giggle with glee as I set down a black fuzzy blanket to enjoy the foliage within the bushes. Kept covered from any unlikely wandering eyes,  be it from a boater or train conductor perhaps or a bird watching hiker with laser beam binoculars!!!   

Like I said unlikely any saw anything under the low hung packer like foliage. I placed my bag down on the blanket and retrieved my gem.  For within my bag wrapped in green velvet be a shiny stainless steel rod of pure pleasure.  My Njoy Pure Wand is wonders to say the least.  She is roughly 1.5 pounds of pure metal. Curved with weighted ball ends. Meant for the most extreme P spot and G spot stimulants. I can tell from experience the NJoy reaches a spot within me on such a level no man has done so before. 

Njoy Dildo in all her shining glory

 I unwrapped the green velvet and she gleamed and glowed under the twinkling sunlight that speckled between the foliage. I wasn’t finished scouting out my spot to be sure no one would come barging into the brushes I decided to play within.  So I slipped the metal rod into my water bottle that held a few pieces of ice yet from the ice water I brought with.  I stood up and just my head and shoulders where exposed to the air outside the bushes.  I decided to start my first outdoor experience then. 

 Standing up looking out at the very camp my family is in just a smidge under a mile away I took off my pants.  I turned my head to see a train roll around the bend so I bent back down into the bushes below.  I continued to remove clothing until I was comfortably exposed to the natural setting around me. The train chugging along beside me.  I observed the foliages silhouetted shadows dance across my bare white completion.  Like dancing tattoos on a magical beings skin.  Mesmerized I traced the silhouetted lines carefully with the tips of my fingers.  Sending slight goosebumps across my skin. I did so with the rhythm of the passing train cars. 

  I reached out for my Njoy.  I dropped it on the blanket at first due to its chilling touch.  Left it in the ice water too long I suppose.  Long enough I dropped it when I grabbed it thinking it burned me.   Lol it didn’t burn me however it made a metal clank as it hit the pebbly ground.  I watched it fog up most instantly.  I pressed a fingertip to the bigger ball end of the two.  A dew drop appeared and I watched as it grew in size then roll down the balls edge.

  I grabbed the chill rod and placed it on my stomach.  I let out a slight sigh and sharp exhale as the cold metal touched my bare skin.  Resting on my back with the metal dildo on my stomach,  the bigger ball inching it’s way down my body.  Weighed ends so nice she eases down with the grace of gravity. She glides her way down to my lips.  Her weight lays down on me, her curve kissing me as she glides in with such egar enthusiasm. Pressed between the wet lips then swallowed within. Deeper and deeper the weighed end burrows it’s way into me as if my vagina is quick sand and it was heavily caught in my trap. Wet from my thoughts of sexual dreams I had the night beforehand I was all a go for my first outdoor exhibitionist thrill.  

My best friend

I plunged up and down in and out,  slightly the rod pressed on a button no man has before.  The tingles started within.  Then within moments I exploded on myself a wave of pure pleasure rolling through me.  I gasped out and grabbed at my thigh with the other free hand tightly digging my nails in slightly.  I kept pushing through the waves until I rippled with a climax which pushed the metal rod out as I rolled in with pleasure.

 The ball end was gooped up in my own paradise goo as I sat their looking up at the yellow whispering leaves. They alone bore witness to my first outdoor experience.  To my second time at play with my toy of a lifetime.  They alone saw my giggles that turned into sighs and moans of pleasure.  The rod which gleamed in the sunlight left me breathless and without words to mutter as I gathered myself again.Cleaned up my girl in the remaining water and wrapped her up snug in green velvet until next time.  I packed up my blanket and crew and hiked back to camp where no one knew a thing other than that I took an abnormally long hike.  

It was thrilling.  A wonderful experience to place under the belt with my near and dear Njoy.   My first outdoor play time went great for me.  I look forward to the next one to Cum! 

Until We Meet Again.  

Wrapped In Green Velvet. 


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Back Out West

Oregon Welcome You!

We started our journey from Pueblo Colorado.  Home of the heros.  Or so a snapchat filter would tell me.

Frosty reflections along Sheldons hot spring.
  We left Colorado for Utah.  Spent some lovely time with  the bobcats and coyotes and on we go through Nevada. 


In search of hot springs to relax in.  As this epic trip can be tiresome, climbing what feels like endless snow topped mountains and getting up before the sunshine rises.  Being alert with the weather to jump when it does to avoid most certain disaster.  As we travel I leave fairy creations behind.  From giant fall roses in the Olympic National Forest 

September 2016 Olympic National Forest Fall Rose

to fairy portals of cedar in boondocking sites across Utah.

   We continue on with our travels.  Thankful for the small things.  Like foggy gray mornings.  Hot coffee to sip on.  The jealous gas station clerk or grocery store personnel will gush as I share my last and next destinations.  The ever changing landscape keeps my eyes glued to the terrain.  From the rockies to the Utah Nevada mounds that seem to just give.  It’s enchanting.  Now we dipped in the hot springs at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada we chill under the stars in Eugene Oregon. 

Hot Springs at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Until we meet again. 

Under the same moon.  

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Wyoming Woes

Thursday, September 29th 2016

What the heckers!

More troubles along the road. Just gassed up and nearly 25 miles up from Rock Springs our RV did some puttering to the road side. Some transmison issues we think. Fly wheel or something of that sort. We are stuck like chuck along the side of I-80. Till the morning when we can get her towed and worked on. 

Chill Time

We sleep on the side of the road tonight in our rig. Trucks zooming past at 70 rocking the rig all night much like a boat. We stick movies in the DVD player and chill till morning light. 

Friday September 30th 2016 


Tow Or Be Towed

We have a tow!…  but our back brake locked up while towing?¿ and we are back to sitting along the side of the road. For a moment. 

What A Ride. We are now slowly trecking it to the shop. If we go too fast n hard the tire could catch on fire… but hey. At least we are getting er fixed come monday. If we can make er to the shop…

 Exit 111 we pull off again. Jason the Macy’s tow guy is not a mechanic and is just as clueless as to what the fuck is wrong as we are. What rotten luck. We finally get a tow and it seems our rear axle is all out of wack. Draging at times. Break smells strong we attempt to carry on the six miles to the shop? 

Nope we needed a flatbed to haul our rig to the shop. What fun that turned into!! 


Tire Den parkinglot in Wyoming is our camp for the weekend. What an adventure its turning out to be. Had to have the RV towed twice in the same day. During our first tow some one in a truck drove up waving hands freaking out. Turns out the rear right tire was locking up somehow and dragging it was a smoking mess reaking of break fluid. Had that trucker not said anythin the tire would of caught on fire and we would be chared.  We had to have a second tow, a flatbed come. The back end of our rig on the tow truck. Had to back the RV up onto the flatbed with the other big tow. The rear axle not moving much. Our drive shaft was removed to tow er. It rests in the walkway of the RV. It even colored some carpet up at the front of the RV. Greasy. 

But off the Interstate we are. Chilling on the side of Tire Den. This is home for the weekend. 

Monday October 3rd 2016 10:50AM

Wyoming weather rattles the bones of the RV. A swift wind storm turned to a downpour that chilled us all. The canyon to our left now snowtopped. This was not the plan man. We where supposed to be in Ordway on the Lake where it is 76 degrees and sunny not 47 and sleety. Preping to head back to the west coast with our things and dogs in tow. Chasing the sunshine. It is a cold day here in prohibiton hell.

Tuesday October 4th 2016 – Sunday October 9th 2016

Dude. We took a ride out of Wyoming to beat the chill. Little did we know it would end up us crunched together in an economy car going 112 in a 65 almost runing out of gas with 50-65mph wind gusts the whole crazy ride to Colorado. Some run ins I tell ya. The company was welcoming but hyper. Too much even for our nutty family. With a cutting-edge hydroponic system and an idea he claims worth millions his rowdy butt was way to wound up and looking for the wrong things from us writers. We skipped out Thursday soon as we could. Back to brace the chill and wait in Wyoming for our home to be rolling once again.
 Long walks in the industrial park talking with Verizon Bullshiting Wireless about how fucked up and wack the service is. How many calls on wait and being hung up on by this automated service to this ditzy gal must one go through to fix said problem. -_- We are finding out the trials that come with travel writing. It is no pleasure. The endless wifi fude.  Travel Writing. It has its perks of not being tied down in the same place for too long. Of seeing the changing colors across the states. The evolving culture. It also has its grime of chilly mornings, vehicle problems, and living by the mile within The Divided States of America*.  The all too familure road blacktop with yellow solid and dashed lines connects every driveway from me to you. Its all in the roads you take. 
*The Divided States of America is my take on my beloved homelands. Travel I have and learning more and more daily. Did you know if you buy a vehicle not in your home state you have to travel all the way back where you are registered resident. 

Until We Meet Again ☆ 

Under The Same Moon ☆ 

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Tioga Travels

September 28th 2016


Thank you trucker preacher man!

The parents rise before anyone else. Tossing down warm blankets to my chilled ankles from the loft bed above. I, laying out on the couch below had a small throw blanket that doesnt do my lenthy figure justice, to combat the nights chill. It’s our first morning in the RV. They climb down and we three see that the night had tricked us with its spooky darkness. What we thought was a downward slope be but a gravel parking lot of a rest area. No lighting with a vault bathroom that was unnoticeable when we arived in the early hours. Rips all around and on the road we went. A few yet till the next town with gas. The First Full Day of  having her what a blast! We go along then we hear three thumps followed by a threatening slapping sound. The errie shreading of rubber tire rumbles the RV whole. Boys stir awake as the tire shreads further and we pull over on a side pull off. My attempts to lighten the mood snuffed swiftly to a hault I journal the events as a friendly Oregon couple pulled off to asisst my dad.  They had a Jack and the tools to help and the fellow shadowed and taught my dad the ins of changing a RVs back tire. We are blessed in our travels I can not say so enough. We have had our fair share of vehicle troubles and never in all my twenty years have I come across such helpfull people. When our vans alternator went pooey for the first time ever someone happened to come alomg an help. First Tony the BMW jump man who Jumped our girl back to life, then the old school rope pull from Coburg to Eugene. Which is apparently a bit on the illegal side I was later told. I witnessed a rear end that shot a blue Prius front end off the side of the road and two mexican workers hopped out of a work truck to lift er up and back onto the road. The Prius scooted off the road to safety as the workers climed back up into their truck and traffic went on. We called out “Good Job” as we drove past. Inside joke. But its evident people in Oregon are nice. Helpfull. We were on the side of the road with a shread, without a jack or a clue… and help came to us a third time! ♡ 

Smiley Sheep in the Middle Of Nowhere

Blessed we are! Onward we plunge. Utah snoozing tonight and then to Colorado! Got some sunshine lake days ahead of us it looks like. Lets hope for smooth travels and 

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆ 

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Fire Ban Chillz

Sat, September 24th 2016


¤Our Night at Pee Pee Acres¤

Crusing along the Columbia River now. We are looking for a camp area we can have fire. We camped in the van last night at a BLM camp. Henderson Flats OHV Trails. Near  Three Sisters. Should be called PeePee Acres. The stringy trees in abundance reak of amonia scent. We joked the whole time puns coming out of our buns. We stayed in the van due to the unexpected chill we met when we arrived at our camp in the dark hours of the night. It dipped down to a chill 34 degrees. Stars twinkling brightly overhead. Elevated at some 3000 feet we misjudged our climb and the temp drop that was to follow. We rode through the dippy pot hole strucken road. Tore up from ATVers I imagine from the shape of the dirt road. We wander along the rocky road to the spot we park and sit. Oregon is under a fire ban. So no warm camfires for cooking foodies or boiling water for coffee. We blast the heat and chill for the night. 



We have a camp established. On the Washington side of the Colombia River. Nesstled between the river and a train track this BLM camp near Biggs Junction is grand. A near 10-15min drive along a river rock road. A sparkling view of the river with a rickety dock that will prob last longer then the silo across the ways from it.  We call this site home for the next few days. Here my folks will scurry 112 pieces of conent together while preping for our RV adventures to come. To pick up a rig and be in her by Tuesday. Hot Coffee!! The life we are blessed with. Hardly knowing three days ahead of you and looking back I reflect in awe of the journey I am on.  Fire bans still in effect over here in Washingston so we picked a desolate place with tree coverage. Priests gonna burn one way or another! Coffee is a necessity with this writing family. So a small twig fire by the river will due us fine. Drown the fire to a sizzleing smokey hiss quickly with a gallon or so of water. Stay safe and don’t play with fire! The dormant volacano Mt Hood can be seen across the twinkling Columbia. In the distance you’ll see the bridge which connects Oregon to Washington. 


Like where did ya stay?  I need to know!”  Ambers horrible but bearable directions:

  1. You turn right off 5 onto 84 the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington heading into Washington towards Yakima and
  2. turn off right again before you wind up the Washington interstate road. Like you’re stopping for the Wine Tasteing thats adverstised.  If you go up the blacktop interstate road you have gone too far!
  3. You’ll pass a state park with camping soon as you turn your second right keep going past it, driving along through a vinyard you’ll pass fruit stands and the road will shift right and soon turn to a river rock dirt road
  4. It forks into three ways or so… keep straight and drive on down it and you will be in BLM land. Bureau of Land Management claims you can stay for up to 2 weeks. Before moving 5 miles to the next available spot. Camp for free on BLM lands. They tend to be off road dirt roads with cattle gaurds in abundance from my travels but perfect camp nooks all across the American lands.
  5.  Bring your own foodies and water as the gas stations near BML lands take the bare nothingness that lies onward into full Greed as food is hiked up to you know crazy corner drug store prices. Found a pack of hot dogs once to be 7$. 

But this rocky dirt road goes on down to the Dam. With a few port-o-poddies littered along the rocky road you will come across a few nesstled campsites along the river side. That or pull over and make a new one! Find a place and call er home for the night like we did. 

Happy Camping! Hope you find a good spot! 


 With our original idea in mind we are soon to travel the states in an RV, camping at sites much like this. A year later we upgrade. Once traveling in a Holiday Rambler camper pulled by the mighty Suburban now a Tioga RV and the ever enchanting and incognito mini van. No one bats an eye at a family in a mini van fam! We set out to travel and explore!

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆