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Piggs ‘R’ Us BBQ


BBQ is one of this girls favorite foods.

I’m also a fan of food trucks. Yes!♥

Questionable as legends may, folklore of times told. But where they see caution I see a freelance chef’s unique cuisine take flight.

Enticing smells of a smoking grill wafted through the winds of town. I thought of how yummy someone’s grill smelled.

I continued to dance in its meaty melodies while walking down the main road to the local grocery store for some pop. Just before the car wash and after the ice machine you find Piggs R Us food truck on weekends and holidays. New to me but a town yum. ♡ Well worth the stop and plop.

The unique creations of yummy temptations beckoned me off the streets. A BBQ cloth banner flaped it’s flaming promises softly in the wind as I passed by it.

Excitement with every footstep as I strode across the pebbly grassy parking area they have. Up to the picnic table and truck window where two cheerful ladies opened to welcome us.

While telling us of Memorial Day deals I decided on the Jumbo BBQ Sandwich that came with two sides. I was sweet talked into trying the sweet apple smoked baked beans and I went with the chips for some crunch. I was walking with my cousin so I asked if it could be halved and she said yes with ease.

The pulled pork was juicy and delish! BBQ sauce was in a small cup on the side for you to add yourselves. The baked beans where sooo !♡yummy♡!

I highly recommend Piggs R Us BBQ

It’s some good eatin. From friendly folk. Available finally in our backyards too! Get your pig on ♡

Until we meet again. ☆

Under the same moon. ★

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CatNip Update

January 16th 2017 


New adventure pending. 

Life is what you make of it. 

Enjoy your family. 

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Back Out West

Oregon Welcome You!

We started our journey from Pueblo Colorado.  Home of the heros.  Or so a snapchat filter would tell me.

Frosty reflections along Sheldons hot spring.
  We left Colorado for Utah.  Spent some lovely time with  the bobcats and coyotes and on we go through Nevada. 


In search of hot springs to relax in.  As this epic trip can be tiresome, climbing what feels like endless snow topped mountains and getting up before the sunshine rises.  Being alert with the weather to jump when it does to avoid most certain disaster.  As we travel I leave fairy creations behind.  From giant fall roses in the Olympic National Forest 

September 2016 Olympic National Forest Fall Rose

to fairy portals of cedar in boondocking sites across Utah.

   We continue on with our travels.  Thankful for the small things.  Like foggy gray mornings.  Hot coffee to sip on.  The jealous gas station clerk or grocery store personnel will gush as I share my last and next destinations.  The ever changing landscape keeps my eyes glued to the terrain.  From the rockies to the Utah Nevada mounds that seem to just give.  It’s enchanting.  Now we dipped in the hot springs at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada we chill under the stars in Eugene Oregon. 

Hot Springs at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Until we meet again. 

Under the same moon.  

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Wyoming Woes

Thursday, September 29th 2016

What the heckers!

More troubles along the road. Just gassed up and nearly 25 miles up from Rock Springs our RV did some puttering to the road side. Some transmison issues we think. Fly wheel or something of that sort. We are stuck like chuck along the side of I-80. Till the morning when we can get her towed and worked on. 

Chill Time

We sleep on the side of the road tonight in our rig. Trucks zooming past at 70 rocking the rig all night much like a boat. We stick movies in the DVD player and chill till morning light. 

Friday September 30th 2016 


Tow Or Be Towed

We have a tow!…  but our back brake locked up while towing?¿ and we are back to sitting along the side of the road. For a moment. 

What A Ride. We are now slowly trecking it to the shop. If we go too fast n hard the tire could catch on fire… but hey. At least we are getting er fixed come monday. If we can make er to the shop…

 Exit 111 we pull off again. Jason the Macy’s tow guy is not a mechanic and is just as clueless as to what the fuck is wrong as we are. What rotten luck. We finally get a tow and it seems our rear axle is all out of wack. Draging at times. Break smells strong we attempt to carry on the six miles to the shop? 

Nope we needed a flatbed to haul our rig to the shop. What fun that turned into!! 


Tire Den parkinglot in Wyoming is our camp for the weekend. What an adventure its turning out to be. Had to have the RV towed twice in the same day. During our first tow some one in a truck drove up waving hands freaking out. Turns out the rear right tire was locking up somehow and dragging it was a smoking mess reaking of break fluid. Had that trucker not said anythin the tire would of caught on fire and we would be chared.  We had to have a second tow, a flatbed come. The back end of our rig on the tow truck. Had to back the RV up onto the flatbed with the other big tow. The rear axle not moving much. Our drive shaft was removed to tow er. It rests in the walkway of the RV. It even colored some carpet up at the front of the RV. Greasy. 

But off the Interstate we are. Chilling on the side of Tire Den. This is home for the weekend. 

Monday October 3rd 2016 10:50AM

Wyoming weather rattles the bones of the RV. A swift wind storm turned to a downpour that chilled us all. The canyon to our left now snowtopped. This was not the plan man. We where supposed to be in Ordway on the Lake where it is 76 degrees and sunny not 47 and sleety. Preping to head back to the west coast with our things and dogs in tow. Chasing the sunshine. It is a cold day here in prohibiton hell.

Tuesday October 4th 2016 – Sunday October 9th 2016

Dude. We took a ride out of Wyoming to beat the chill. Little did we know it would end up us crunched together in an economy car going 112 in a 65 almost runing out of gas with 50-65mph wind gusts the whole crazy ride to Colorado. Some run ins I tell ya. The company was welcoming but hyper. Too much even for our nutty family. With a cutting-edge hydroponic system and an idea he claims worth millions his rowdy butt was way to wound up and looking for the wrong things from us writers. We skipped out Thursday soon as we could. Back to brace the chill and wait in Wyoming for our home to be rolling once again.
 Long walks in the industrial park talking with Verizon Bullshiting Wireless about how fucked up and wack the service is. How many calls on wait and being hung up on by this automated service to this ditzy gal must one go through to fix said problem. -_- We are finding out the trials that come with travel writing. It is no pleasure. The endless wifi fude.  Travel Writing. It has its perks of not being tied down in the same place for too long. Of seeing the changing colors across the states. The evolving culture. It also has its grime of chilly mornings, vehicle problems, and living by the mile within The Divided States of America*.  The all too familure road blacktop with yellow solid and dashed lines connects every driveway from me to you. Its all in the roads you take. 
*The Divided States of America is my take on my beloved homelands. Travel I have and learning more and more daily. Did you know if you buy a vehicle not in your home state you have to travel all the way back where you are registered resident. 

Until We Meet Again ☆ 

Under The Same Moon ☆ 

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Tioga Travels

September 28th 2016


Thank you trucker preacher man!

The parents rise before anyone else. Tossing down warm blankets to my chilled ankles from the loft bed above. I, laying out on the couch below had a small throw blanket that doesnt do my lenthy figure justice, to combat the nights chill. It’s our first morning in the RV. They climb down and we three see that the night had tricked us with its spooky darkness. What we thought was a downward slope be but a gravel parking lot of a rest area. No lighting with a vault bathroom that was unnoticeable when we arived in the early hours. Rips all around and on the road we went. A few yet till the next town with gas. The First Full Day of  having her what a blast! We go along then we hear three thumps followed by a threatening slapping sound. The errie shreading of rubber tire rumbles the RV whole. Boys stir awake as the tire shreads further and we pull over on a side pull off. My attempts to lighten the mood snuffed swiftly to a hault I journal the events as a friendly Oregon couple pulled off to asisst my dad.  They had a Jack and the tools to help and the fellow shadowed and taught my dad the ins of changing a RVs back tire. We are blessed in our travels I can not say so enough. We have had our fair share of vehicle troubles and never in all my twenty years have I come across such helpfull people. When our vans alternator went pooey for the first time ever someone happened to come alomg an help. First Tony the BMW jump man who Jumped our girl back to life, then the old school rope pull from Coburg to Eugene. Which is apparently a bit on the illegal side I was later told. I witnessed a rear end that shot a blue Prius front end off the side of the road and two mexican workers hopped out of a work truck to lift er up and back onto the road. The Prius scooted off the road to safety as the workers climed back up into their truck and traffic went on. We called out “Good Job” as we drove past. Inside joke. But its evident people in Oregon are nice. Helpfull. We were on the side of the road with a shread, without a jack or a clue… and help came to us a third time! ♡ 

Smiley Sheep in the Middle Of Nowhere

Blessed we are! Onward we plunge. Utah snoozing tonight and then to Colorado! Got some sunshine lake days ahead of us it looks like. Lets hope for smooth travels and 

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆ 

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Fire Ban Chillz

Sat, September 24th 2016


¤Our Night at Pee Pee Acres¤

Crusing along the Columbia River now. We are looking for a camp area we can have fire. We camped in the van last night at a BLM camp. Henderson Flats OHV Trails. Near  Three Sisters. Should be called PeePee Acres. The stringy trees in abundance reak of amonia scent. We joked the whole time puns coming out of our buns. We stayed in the van due to the unexpected chill we met when we arrived at our camp in the dark hours of the night. It dipped down to a chill 34 degrees. Stars twinkling brightly overhead. Elevated at some 3000 feet we misjudged our climb and the temp drop that was to follow. We rode through the dippy pot hole strucken road. Tore up from ATVers I imagine from the shape of the dirt road. We wander along the rocky road to the spot we park and sit. Oregon is under a fire ban. So no warm camfires for cooking foodies or boiling water for coffee. We blast the heat and chill for the night. 



We have a camp established. On the Washington side of the Colombia River. Nesstled between the river and a train track this BLM camp near Biggs Junction is grand. A near 10-15min drive along a river rock road. A sparkling view of the river with a rickety dock that will prob last longer then the silo across the ways from it.  We call this site home for the next few days. Here my folks will scurry 112 pieces of conent together while preping for our RV adventures to come. To pick up a rig and be in her by Tuesday. Hot Coffee!! The life we are blessed with. Hardly knowing three days ahead of you and looking back I reflect in awe of the journey I am on.  Fire bans still in effect over here in Washingston so we picked a desolate place with tree coverage. Priests gonna burn one way or another! Coffee is a necessity with this writing family. So a small twig fire by the river will due us fine. Drown the fire to a sizzleing smokey hiss quickly with a gallon or so of water. Stay safe and don’t play with fire! The dormant volacano Mt Hood can be seen across the twinkling Columbia. In the distance you’ll see the bridge which connects Oregon to Washington. 


Like where did ya stay?  I need to know!”  Ambers horrible but bearable directions:

  1. You turn right off 5 onto 84 the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington heading into Washington towards Yakima and
  2. turn off right again before you wind up the Washington interstate road. Like you’re stopping for the Wine Tasteing thats adverstised.  If you go up the blacktop interstate road you have gone too far!
  3. You’ll pass a state park with camping soon as you turn your second right keep going past it, driving along through a vinyard you’ll pass fruit stands and the road will shift right and soon turn to a river rock dirt road
  4. It forks into three ways or so… keep straight and drive on down it and you will be in BLM land. Bureau of Land Management claims you can stay for up to 2 weeks. Before moving 5 miles to the next available spot. Camp for free on BLM lands. They tend to be off road dirt roads with cattle gaurds in abundance from my travels but perfect camp nooks all across the American lands.
  5.  Bring your own foodies and water as the gas stations near BML lands take the bare nothingness that lies onward into full Greed as food is hiked up to you know crazy corner drug store prices. Found a pack of hot dogs once to be 7$. 

But this rocky dirt road goes on down to the Dam. With a few port-o-poddies littered along the rocky road you will come across a few nesstled campsites along the river side. That or pull over and make a new one! Find a place and call er home for the night like we did. 

Happy Camping! Hope you find a good spot! 


 With our original idea in mind we are soon to travel the states in an RV, camping at sites much like this. A year later we upgrade. Once traveling in a Holiday Rambler camper pulled by the mighty Suburban now a Tioga RV and the ever enchanting and incognito mini van. No one bats an eye at a family in a mini van fam! We set out to travel and explore!

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆ 

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Van Problems

Saturday September 17th

We pull into a rest area just before the Coburg Oregon exit. Our van electical went haywire. The battery seemingly dieing out and the wipers went crazy spraying fluid abundantly and light flashing, windows rolling up n down and opening and closing. It was instant craziness and slow down to a puttering jumpy ten. Crusing along with only 17 miles from our next camp and interview.

 Breaking down was not the plan but it couldn’t have chosen a better place nor time. As she sputtered out noises not ment for her the rest area appeared magically before us. Oaks speckled the rest area as we pulled in puttering about. Within twenty min scratching our heads looking at our hood and letting er cool down, Tony with a fancy white new BMW offered us a Jump. It was bizare. We’d never ask the help from someone in such a fancy car to jump a mini van. It looked weird to say the least but ever so thankfull we are. Oregon you have some of the nicest people! He jumped us and the van roared to life. We set down the streach to make the next exit. Coburg. BMW man tries to follow us but we insist we are fine. We creep along the interstate side almost ten mph. Booking in down 105. Heavenly smells of motor oils take over my ologfactory and is all I smell as we grind along. She putters along the exit and eases into the Mcdonalds/Shell parking lot which she gave out just as we pulled into the far end parking spot. We all jumped out ready to see her explode or something. 


***When you Change your Tribe you Change your Vibe.***

Normaly we would be screwed. We would find a way back home if we could and start over again. But this time round things are worlds diffrent. So heres the deal. Once upon a time all our friends where partiers and alcoholics. All decent people but when asked to help, would offer little to none. Over the past year we have been changing our flock. Dwindling away the pals of old for likeminded beings.  In other words we embraced our cannabis culture and find/found like minded individuals and dismissed our alcoholic buds of past. We had never meet Steve before and he came rolling up to our rescue! Blessed we are. Watched over we gots to be. Pulled with a rope he tuged our girl to safety. She’ll be worked on as monday rolls around. We are at ease. Not as stressed as one would think. Miles from home and in all terms stranded until things work themselves out. No better place to be stranded then amongst wonderous company in a beautiful nook in Oregon. We got a mini tour of Eugen along our rescue path. Cush coffe is amongst the best I’ve ever had! The enviroment so chill and quaint ♡ Deff stop next time you are in town! I went through the town once and its clung to my mind. Like a train station for lost souls. Just a whole town full of spiritual hippies. 

Thats whats up. We are broken down and winging er. With great wholesome people around every corner we are blessed to be walking the path we are. As a family unit traveling. Looks like we might keep this going. I look oh so forward to the adventures before me! 

Until We Meet Again ☆ 

Under The Same Moon ☆