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DIY Leg Warmers

I’m tinkered inside today due to leftover rains from Huricane Irma battering the volunteer state. With a 70% chance of rain and wind advisory its best to do some projects inside.

With the rain comes cooler weather which has me digging for socks. With a long pair on my toes still feel the chill of autumns arrivals with this storm front. 12 days until fall. This chilly weather is likely to stick after the storm passes.

I come across a diy project I had tried out but never used. I tossed on some Olive green leg warmers I made a few weeks ago from a thin worn Old Navy long sleeve v cut shirt I no longer wore. With the leg warmers on I dashed on my boots and noticed the fairy folk like fold the warmers had.

Neat! I went out in the sprinkles before the storm for last minute runnings around town and my toes where kept toasty. The layer over my socks did wonders and I’m hooked! Got to make more for the chilling seasons to come. Like the Starks chant...

So lets cozy on up together ride this storm out and make some Leg Warmers!

¤ Directions / Instructions ¤

  • Have Materials.
  • Organize materials.
  • Cut shirt sleeves off along arm seams.
  • Try on your homemade leg warmers for size and enjoy your quick and cozy craft.
  • I do hope you enjoy this diy I put together for ya feel free to comment like and share ♡

    Until we meet again. ☆

    Under the same moon. ★

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    CatNip Update

    January 16th 2017 


    New adventure pending. 

    Life is what you make of it. 

    Enjoy your family. 

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    Columbia River Thrills

    ****⚠WARNING ⚠*** 

    ⚠Mom Dad Grandfolks AND Family.  Explicit sexual personal content below. Viewer discretion is advised.  ⚠ 

    Here is my rewrite.  The first was posted, then I felt it needed editing,  then goofed and it was all lost.  Good one girl 👌

    Here goes nothing.  

    You are welcome for the drool worthy photos by the way.  😙


    Columbia River.  Washington Side.  


    I embark down a trail heading up river from our camp spot nestled by a rickety sketchy dock along Cliffs Park blm lands in Washington.  The Columbia River flows beside me and I watch as a train chugs past across the river,  along the Oregon side.   I walk down the narrow dirt path that is atop a little hill that then slopes down where a canopy of low hung tree bushes which lay in abundance. A train track on on either side of the river.  Yellow green dots of leaves rustle in the wind playfully.

    The leaves whisper in the gentle wind. 

      A small pond lay to the left the Columbia flowing steadily by my side on the right.  With a patch of land that calls out to me in the most playful of ways.  I giggle with glee as I set down a black fuzzy blanket to enjoy the foliage within the bushes. Kept covered from any unlikely wandering eyes,  be it from a boater or train conductor perhaps or a bird watching hiker with laser beam binoculars!!!   

    Like I said unlikely any saw anything under the low hung packer like foliage. I placed my bag down on the blanket and retrieved my gem.  For within my bag wrapped in green velvet be a shiny stainless steel rod of pure pleasure.  My Njoy Pure Wand is wonders to say the least.  She is roughly 1.5 pounds of pure metal. Curved with weighted ball ends. Meant for the most extreme P spot and G spot stimulants. I can tell from experience the NJoy reaches a spot within me on such a level no man has done so before. 

    Njoy Dildo in all her shining glory

     I unwrapped the green velvet and she gleamed and glowed under the twinkling sunlight that speckled between the foliage. I wasn’t finished scouting out my spot to be sure no one would come barging into the brushes I decided to play within.  So I slipped the metal rod into my water bottle that held a few pieces of ice yet from the ice water I brought with.  I stood up and just my head and shoulders where exposed to the air outside the bushes.  I decided to start my first outdoor experience then. 

     Standing up looking out at the very camp my family is in just a smidge under a mile away I took off my pants.  I turned my head to see a train roll around the bend so I bent back down into the bushes below.  I continued to remove clothing until I was comfortably exposed to the natural setting around me. The train chugging along beside me.  I observed the foliages silhouetted shadows dance across my bare white completion.  Like dancing tattoos on a magical beings skin.  Mesmerized I traced the silhouetted lines carefully with the tips of my fingers.  Sending slight goosebumps across my skin. I did so with the rhythm of the passing train cars. 

      I reached out for my Njoy.  I dropped it on the blanket at first due to its chilling touch.  Left it in the ice water too long I suppose.  Long enough I dropped it when I grabbed it thinking it burned me.   Lol it didn’t burn me however it made a metal clank as it hit the pebbly ground.  I watched it fog up most instantly.  I pressed a fingertip to the bigger ball end of the two.  A dew drop appeared and I watched as it grew in size then roll down the balls edge.

      I grabbed the chill rod and placed it on my stomach.  I let out a slight sigh and sharp exhale as the cold metal touched my bare skin.  Resting on my back with the metal dildo on my stomach,  the bigger ball inching it’s way down my body.  Weighed ends so nice she eases down with the grace of gravity. She glides her way down to my lips.  Her weight lays down on me, her curve kissing me as she glides in with such egar enthusiasm. Pressed between the wet lips then swallowed within. Deeper and deeper the weighed end burrows it’s way into me as if my vagina is quick sand and it was heavily caught in my trap. Wet from my thoughts of sexual dreams I had the night beforehand I was all a go for my first outdoor exhibitionist thrill.  

    My best friend

    I plunged up and down in and out,  slightly the rod pressed on a button no man has before.  The tingles started within.  Then within moments I exploded on myself a wave of pure pleasure rolling through me.  I gasped out and grabbed at my thigh with the other free hand tightly digging my nails in slightly.  I kept pushing through the waves until I rippled with a climax which pushed the metal rod out as I rolled in with pleasure.

     The ball end was gooped up in my own paradise goo as I sat their looking up at the yellow whispering leaves. They alone bore witness to my first outdoor experience.  To my second time at play with my toy of a lifetime.  They alone saw my giggles that turned into sighs and moans of pleasure.  The rod which gleamed in the sunlight left me breathless and without words to mutter as I gathered myself again.Cleaned up my girl in the remaining water and wrapped her up snug in green velvet until next time.  I packed up my blanket and crew and hiked back to camp where no one knew a thing other than that I took an abnormally long hike.  

    It was thrilling.  A wonderful experience to place under the belt with my near and dear Njoy.   My first outdoor play time went great for me.  I look forward to the next one to Cum! 

    Until We Meet Again.  

    Wrapped In Green Velvet.