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Piggs ‘R’ Us BBQ


BBQ is one of this girls favorite foods.

I’m also a fan of food trucks. Yes!♥

Questionable as legends may, folklore of times told. But where they see caution I see a freelance chef’s unique cuisine take flight.

Enticing smells of a smoking grill wafted through the winds of town. I thought of how yummy someone’s grill smelled.

I continued to dance in its meaty melodies while walking down the main road to the local grocery store for some pop. Just before the car wash and after the ice machine you find Piggs R Us food truck on weekends and holidays. New to me but a town yum. ♡ Well worth the stop and plop.

The unique creations of yummy temptations beckoned me off the streets. A BBQ cloth banner flaped it’s flaming promises softly in the wind as I passed by it.

Excitement with every footstep as I strode across the pebbly grassy parking area they have. Up to the picnic table and truck window where two cheerful ladies opened to welcome us.

While telling us of Memorial Day deals I decided on the Jumbo BBQ Sandwich that came with two sides. I was sweet talked into trying the sweet apple smoked baked beans and I went with the chips for some crunch. I was walking with my cousin so I asked if it could be halved and she said yes with ease.

The pulled pork was juicy and delish! BBQ sauce was in a small cup on the side for you to add yourselves. The baked beans where sooo !♡yummy♡!

I highly recommend Piggs R Us BBQ

It’s some good eatin. From friendly folk. Available finally in our backyards too! Get your pig on ♡

Until we meet again. ☆

Under the same moon. ★

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Pickle Ice Review

Pickle Ice

Dill pickle
flavor frozen ice pop.  

Not only flavored but packed with bunch of benefital electrolytes and sodium which is great for post work outs I hear. 

Come to think on it after running a mile or two around I ain’t keen on a sweet sugary thing resting on my tummy.  I remember my trials and errors of post mile runs in school.  One time someone gifted my tiny 100 pounds one of them crazy big monsters.  The ones with the twist cap.  Well it went down within an hour….  

High school some teachers let you by with eating and snacking in class others not so much. Understandable.  Shout out to all the teachers who do. Anyway it had me beyond hyper. Not the best but it got me through the rest of the day but I was shaky and bouncy on the bus home. Oh how much better off I would have been with a Pickle Ice instead. No junk all the good stuff I need and no tummy ake!

Salty.  Vinegar. 

  • Fat Free
  • No Calories 
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free


Overall It is rather salty and reminds me of pickle juice or a frozen pickle. I enjoyed my treat but could only really take half of it beacuse of the POPSICLE VODO that occurs. You don’t realize it but you are programed to expect sweet every time you take a bite from the cold treat but get pickle burst instead. 

For pickles lovers I say try it!

I like it. Time and place for it but fun nothertheless!