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CatNip Update

January 16th 2017 


New adventure pending. 

Life is what you make of it. 

Enjoy your family. 

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Oddly My Odyssey 

Oddly My Odyssey is a place I’ll come to and reflect on my times and adventures. I am a spunky gal who has wanderlust in her veins.  

 Here I want to start a diary of sorts on the web.  I’ve lost all my journals and diarys over the years from moving around so much. So keeping in mind of all my known years I have written down lost in some boxes or in some landfills or who knows where… Here I shall start to make my mark.  Where the only way it’s lost is if it’s deleted and that’s much like page burnings of ex diary entries of the past.  Here I shall share my thoughts and ideas. Hopes and dreams concerns and humor. I welcome all openly. 

I’m beyond excited to be apart of an expedition of the west coast. We shall set of to see some 9 states in a months time give or take.  Meeting amazing people and staying under the stars in amazing places. I can’t wait to see more of Colorado,  then on to see Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico,  and Arizona. 

I am taken back by the trip before me.  The places I shall venture.  The dirt and sands my toes will feel. The people I shall meet along the way.  

People have opened up to me for years.  It’s like I got a therapist sign on my for head or something. Since middle school I’d say was the time I noticed how complete strangers felt comfortable enough around me to unleash the stories behind them. Within a short hello and five minutes on a bus I found insight to a mind I never knew before.  This happens often.  I am outgoing and a smile can pave the way for a blossoming friendship in no time.  Over the years this open communication with others has led me down a colorful path.  I don’t shy from the stranger with a lisp or the store clerk who looks gloomy.  I’ll lay down some thick southern compliment that will flatter a smile back on her face if only for a brief moment till I leave the store.  I want to spread happiness.  That’s my ultimate goal. I want to leave the world a litte better then it once was. 

So yeah..   That’s some of me and what I got going on. Feel free to follow my journey and share any helpful insights on camping along the west coast.