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Jalapeno Poopers

Pepperoni Pineapple and Jalapeno Stuffed Crust Pizza how you trick and intice me so. Your past times have been good and golden as your gooey crust deems legends of but this time you are well more then enough. At first the flavors banging just kicking shit. Next thing ya know your next bite has your mouth salivating so fast you start to feel heat rising making you warm and clammy. It shifts to a burn with a dewish sweat as you plummet through this Jalapeno pizza. You question why you induce yourself to such. When did I become such a white bitch who couldn’t handle the heat. Didn’t I once accomplish the wing challenge at Bdubs with ease a day after getting a tooth removed where is that wonder woman now. Where is that feisty flame I lost. For the day after glorious greasy pizza I enjoyed I now feel the burn through bloated constipated goat poops of pure fire ringing hell to my delicate buthole. Flames and pains make me waddle and woe. I curse myself for picking the largest slice and finishing it off champion like, sweating for I braved every last jalapeno of fire upon its cheese layering of toppings. Pineapples held no relief to the jalapenos overwhelming placement.

Oh I’ll take lessons from this.

Bet your sweet ass I will.

Can’t take the heat like I used too

Until We Meet Again☆

Under The Same Moon★



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