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The power of a smile.

Someone beamed about my nack for always being positive and the other soul went “oh dear that must be exhausting”. When I responded with a quick but complete thought. Its both a blessing and a curse to be so positive. 

Quite frankly I find the lather more tiresome. The negative nancy and spewing of hate takes so much out of the soul and brings the mood of most down with you. Nothing brings peoole together more then hateing on the same things. Reasons why magazines and talk shows are so popular the talking and focusing on the negatives in the world at the time. The evening news I find to be the utter worst. Spewing endless scare tatic stories to frighten and seperate people. Making lables for people to fall under as so. 

 I prefer to shead light. To complement the cashiers on their makeup and earinngs or tell a gall cute shoes in the store. It spreads smiles and joy. . . Instead of the negative vibes society has grown accustomed too.

Flashing a smile even can change the course of someones day. It can give someone the will and empowerment to carry on just another day. You ever been in a quiet library and saw someone smile at another and the somber soul brighten up and return a smile without the slightest word. It will creep its was acroas the room and the mood of the area is lightened. ​

Until We Meet Again 

Under The Same Moon 



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