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The Start of Our Voyage East 

Saturday December 10th 2016


The holidays near.🎅🎄🎉🎆🎊🎭


Adios West Coast 

  We travel to visit family and friends in Tennessee for the holidays.  So we treck 2000 some odd miles.  A voyage across the country.  We jumped  across the forty fith parallel, half way between the north pole and equator in Idaho.  Back on Mountain Standard time and onward from our western adventure and new found buds. Until we meet again.  Under the same moon we are west coast!

 To reestablish a hometurf along known lands will be nice.  Knowing the area of which I’m going next is refreshing after three months on the road exploring.  For what started as a two week trip that turned into a lifestyle choice before I could blink the season away.  For fall leaves which once speckled the valley’s now have a dusting of white powdery snow blanketed about.  Almost looking like sand that belongs to the mounds of rock and grassland. 

On we roll.  =)  First few days heading east we encountered tire blow outs along snowy Oregon mountain tops and stripped lug nuts in rest areas speckled through Utah and Idaho.  New wheels applied we continue on. Wandering wanderlusters heading back to known home lands of old.  We head first for friends in Colorado.  Where we will rest up before our voyage to the south.  Where the tea is sweeter and the draw is slower.  Where a destination 7 miles away can indeed take you nearly 40 minutes to get to with the winding mountain roads.  =) I am ready to rest up and get ready to see family.  Blaze up Hella while I still can in Colorado before heading out.  Got some fire nugs at Green Cross in Slit Colorado. An eight of Chuckles OG in hand we blaze our trail along the white River on 70 East.  The red rocks scream and yell out for attention below a fine layer of fresh snow that clings to them. The further we venture the snowier it appears.   Little did we know we where voyaging up into a winter snow storm atop one of the highest mountain passes in the united states. Slick icy conditions send cars wheels spinning helplessly up the sharp inclines. Trucks litter the shoulder stopped. Cops speckle the roads lights flashing ticketing trucks without snow chains for today they cause a huge problem. Glad to make it over the pass safely and in one piece. We rest now in SouthEast Colorado before we contine on South East for Tennessee. 

Until we meet again.  

Under the same moon. 



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