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Back Out West

Oregon Welcome You!

We started our journey from Pueblo Colorado.  Home of the heros.  Or so a snapchat filter would tell me.

Frosty reflections along Sheldons hot spring.
  We left Colorado for Utah.  Spent some lovely time with  the bobcats and coyotes and on we go through Nevada. 


In search of hot springs to relax in.  As this epic trip can be tiresome, climbing what feels like endless snow topped mountains and getting up before the sunshine rises.  Being alert with the weather to jump when it does to avoid most certain disaster.  As we travel I leave fairy creations behind.  From giant fall roses in the Olympic National Forest 

September 2016 Olympic National Forest Fall Rose

to fairy portals of cedar in boondocking sites across Utah.

   We continue on with our travels.  Thankful for the small things.  Like foggy gray mornings.  Hot coffee to sip on.  The jealous gas station clerk or grocery store personnel will gush as I share my last and next destinations.  The ever changing landscape keeps my eyes glued to the terrain.  From the rockies to the Utah Nevada mounds that seem to just give.  It’s enchanting.  Now we dipped in the hot springs at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada we chill under the stars in Eugene Oregon. 

Hot Springs at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Until we meet again. 

Under the same moon.  



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