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Wyoming Woes

Thursday, September 29th 2016

What the heckers!

More troubles along the road. Just gassed up and nearly 25 miles up from Rock Springs our RV did some puttering to the road side. Some transmison issues we think. Fly wheel or something of that sort. We are stuck like chuck along the side of I-80. Till the morning when we can get her towed and worked on. 

Chill Time

We sleep on the side of the road tonight in our rig. Trucks zooming past at 70 rocking the rig all night much like a boat. We stick movies in the DVD player and chill till morning light. 

Friday September 30th 2016 


Tow Or Be Towed

We have a tow!…  but our back brake locked up while towing?¿ and we are back to sitting along the side of the road. For a moment. 

What A Ride. We are now slowly trecking it to the shop. If we go too fast n hard the tire could catch on fire… but hey. At least we are getting er fixed come monday. If we can make er to the shop…

 Exit 111 we pull off again. Jason the Macy’s tow guy is not a mechanic and is just as clueless as to what the fuck is wrong as we are. What rotten luck. We finally get a tow and it seems our rear axle is all out of wack. Draging at times. Break smells strong we attempt to carry on the six miles to the shop? 

Nope we needed a flatbed to haul our rig to the shop. What fun that turned into!! 


Tire Den parkinglot in Wyoming is our camp for the weekend. What an adventure its turning out to be. Had to have the RV towed twice in the same day. During our first tow some one in a truck drove up waving hands freaking out. Turns out the rear right tire was locking up somehow and dragging it was a smoking mess reaking of break fluid. Had that trucker not said anythin the tire would of caught on fire and we would be chared.  We had to have a second tow, a flatbed come. The back end of our rig on the tow truck. Had to back the RV up onto the flatbed with the other big tow. The rear axle not moving much. Our drive shaft was removed to tow er. It rests in the walkway of the RV. It even colored some carpet up at the front of the RV. Greasy. 

But off the Interstate we are. Chilling on the side of Tire Den. This is home for the weekend. 

Monday October 3rd 2016 10:50AM

Wyoming weather rattles the bones of the RV. A swift wind storm turned to a downpour that chilled us all. The canyon to our left now snowtopped. This was not the plan man. We where supposed to be in Ordway on the Lake where it is 76 degrees and sunny not 47 and sleety. Preping to head back to the west coast with our things and dogs in tow. Chasing the sunshine. It is a cold day here in prohibiton hell.

Tuesday October 4th 2016 – Sunday October 9th 2016

Dude. We took a ride out of Wyoming to beat the chill. Little did we know it would end up us crunched together in an economy car going 112 in a 65 almost runing out of gas with 50-65mph wind gusts the whole crazy ride to Colorado. Some run ins I tell ya. The company was welcoming but hyper. Too much even for our nutty family. With a cutting-edge hydroponic system and an idea he claims worth millions his rowdy butt was way to wound up and looking for the wrong things from us writers. We skipped out Thursday soon as we could. Back to brace the chill and wait in Wyoming for our home to be rolling once again.
 Long walks in the industrial park talking with Verizon Bullshiting Wireless about how fucked up and wack the service is. How many calls on wait and being hung up on by this automated service to this ditzy gal must one go through to fix said problem. -_- We are finding out the trials that come with travel writing. It is no pleasure. The endless wifi fude.  Travel Writing. It has its perks of not being tied down in the same place for too long. Of seeing the changing colors across the states. The evolving culture. It also has its grime of chilly mornings, vehicle problems, and living by the mile within The Divided States of America*.  The all too familure road blacktop with yellow solid and dashed lines connects every driveway from me to you. Its all in the roads you take. 
*The Divided States of America is my take on my beloved homelands. Travel I have and learning more and more daily. Did you know if you buy a vehicle not in your home state you have to travel all the way back where you are registered resident. 

Until We Meet Again ☆ 

Under The Same Moon ☆ 



°traveler °artist °writer

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