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September 28th 2016


Thank you trucker preacher man!

The parents rise before anyone else. Tossing down warm blankets to my chilled ankles from the loft bed above. I, laying out on the couch below had a small throw blanket that doesnt do my lenthy figure justice, to combat the nights chill. It’s our first morning in the RV. They climb down and we three see that the night had tricked us with its spooky darkness. What we thought was a downward slope be but a gravel parking lot of a rest area. No lighting with a vault bathroom that was unnoticeable when we arived in the early hours. Rips all around and on the road we went. A few yet till the next town with gas. The First Full Day of  having her what a blast! We go along then we hear three thumps followed by a threatening slapping sound. The errie shreading of rubber tire rumbles the RV whole. Boys stir awake as the tire shreads further and we pull over on a side pull off. My attempts to lighten the mood snuffed swiftly to a hault I journal the events as a friendly Oregon couple pulled off to asisst my dad.  They had a Jack and the tools to help and the fellow shadowed and taught my dad the ins of changing a RVs back tire. We are blessed in our travels I can not say so enough. We have had our fair share of vehicle troubles and never in all my twenty years have I come across such helpfull people. When our vans alternator went pooey for the first time ever someone happened to come alomg an help. First Tony the BMW jump man who Jumped our girl back to life, then the old school rope pull from Coburg to Eugene. Which is apparently a bit on the illegal side I was later told. I witnessed a rear end that shot a blue Prius front end off the side of the road and two mexican workers hopped out of a work truck to lift er up and back onto the road. The Prius scooted off the road to safety as the workers climed back up into their truck and traffic went on. We called out “Good Job” as we drove past. Inside joke. But its evident people in Oregon are nice. Helpfull. We were on the side of the road with a shread, without a jack or a clue… and help came to us a third time! ♡ 

Smiley Sheep in the Middle Of Nowhere

Blessed we are! Onward we plunge. Utah snoozing tonight and then to Colorado! Got some sunshine lake days ahead of us it looks like. Lets hope for smooth travels and 

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆ 


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