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Fire Ban Chillz

Sat, September 24th 2016


¤Our Night at Pee Pee Acres¤

Crusing along the Columbia River now. We are looking for a camp area we can have fire. We camped in the van last night at a BLM camp. Henderson Flats OHV Trails. Near  Three Sisters. Should be called PeePee Acres. The stringy trees in abundance reak of amonia scent. We joked the whole time puns coming out of our buns. We stayed in the van due to the unexpected chill we met when we arrived at our camp in the dark hours of the night. It dipped down to a chill 34 degrees. Stars twinkling brightly overhead. Elevated at some 3000 feet we misjudged our climb and the temp drop that was to follow. We rode through the dippy pot hole strucken road. Tore up from ATVers I imagine from the shape of the dirt road. We wander along the rocky road to the spot we park and sit. Oregon is under a fire ban. So no warm camfires for cooking foodies or boiling water for coffee. We blast the heat and chill for the night. 



We have a camp established. On the Washington side of the Colombia River. Nesstled between the river and a train track this BLM camp near Biggs Junction is grand. A near 10-15min drive along a river rock road. A sparkling view of the river with a rickety dock that will prob last longer then the silo across the ways from it.  We call this site home for the next few days. Here my folks will scurry 112 pieces of conent together while preping for our RV adventures to come. To pick up a rig and be in her by Tuesday. Hot Coffee!! The life we are blessed with. Hardly knowing three days ahead of you and looking back I reflect in awe of the journey I am on.  Fire bans still in effect over here in Washingston so we picked a desolate place with tree coverage. Priests gonna burn one way or another! Coffee is a necessity with this writing family. So a small twig fire by the river will due us fine. Drown the fire to a sizzleing smokey hiss quickly with a gallon or so of water. Stay safe and don’t play with fire! The dormant volacano Mt Hood can be seen across the twinkling Columbia. In the distance you’ll see the bridge which connects Oregon to Washington. 


Like where did ya stay?  I need to know!”  Ambers horrible but bearable directions:

  1. You turn right off 5 onto 84 the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington heading into Washington towards Yakima and
  2. turn off right again before you wind up the Washington interstate road. Like you’re stopping for the Wine Tasteing thats adverstised.  If you go up the blacktop interstate road you have gone too far!
  3. You’ll pass a state park with camping soon as you turn your second right keep going past it, driving along through a vinyard you’ll pass fruit stands and the road will shift right and soon turn to a river rock dirt road
  4. It forks into three ways or so… keep straight and drive on down it and you will be in BLM land. Bureau of Land Management claims you can stay for up to 2 weeks. Before moving 5 miles to the next available spot. Camp for free on BLM lands. They tend to be off road dirt roads with cattle gaurds in abundance from my travels but perfect camp nooks all across the American lands.
  5.  Bring your own foodies and water as the gas stations near BML lands take the bare nothingness that lies onward into full Greed as food is hiked up to you know crazy corner drug store prices. Found a pack of hot dogs once to be 7$. 

But this rocky dirt road goes on down to the Dam. With a few port-o-poddies littered along the rocky road you will come across a few nesstled campsites along the river side. That or pull over and make a new one! Find a place and call er home for the night like we did. 

Happy Camping! Hope you find a good spot! 


 With our original idea in mind we are soon to travel the states in an RV, camping at sites much like this. A year later we upgrade. Once traveling in a Holiday Rambler camper pulled by the mighty Suburban now a Tioga RV and the ever enchanting and incognito mini van. No one bats an eye at a family in a mini van fam! We set out to travel and explore!

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆ 


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