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New Horizons

¤Eugene Vibes¤

We spent nearly a week with Guy Homes and his wonderous family in Eugene. While he helped us meet up with local mechanics to work on the van. The alternator and hub assembly took a bit. My parents happily caught up on work while I managed to wash up all our cloths and help clean up after ours and theres. Such a beautiful home with so many blessings! ♡ 

When we first rolled in L exclaimed over at Cush coffee shop when we first met her “Looks Like Your Stuck In Eugene!” They offered their home for us to stay in. One event after another lead us to stay another night and then another. The wonderous fresh conversation. What friendships created! We learned so much about the history behind Eugene. Little Oregon art town. The train cars full of colorfull graffiti pass through the wanderlust strucken town. Hippys living in vans and RV campers we can spot casually around. Pot smokers litter the streets puffin smokes that waft away with the passing wind. Wandering aliens eccentric in nature and form. Oregon is a melting pot of a homestead. For beings to return to strucken with wanderlust.

¤New Horizons¤

We set out on Friday a little after noon for Salem. Oregons capitol. We leave behind new friends promising to meet up with them again soon. Onward we march! We are in search of an RV. With autumns brisk arrival we figure an upgrade from the tents would do well for our continued travels. . The opprotunity to see more and intervew more has opened up. The Rambling Family is at it again! On the road with falls enchanting winds. The faries hard at work and play as they paint the trees shades of red and yelllow, orange and brown. The trees last gleaming smile before winter winds rip her of her color. Blessed I am to be on the road during the peak of the season change. The colors make my heart leap everytime! ♡ 

West coast vibes resonate well with the family. The people we have met along the way so colorfull and friendly! The bud we have blazzed otherworldly! With a countryside that is colorfull and senic as all get out.  We look for a camp to call home for the night. 

Looks like we will be staying on the road. Our two week trip has transformed into evermore. The Rambling Family 2016! Stay tuned to find out where we be next! Maybe in a camp near you?! ☆☆☆Oregon Traveling☆☆☆

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆


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