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Van Problems

Saturday September 17th

We pull into a rest area just before the Coburg Oregon exit. Our van electical went haywire. The battery seemingly dieing out and the wipers went crazy spraying fluid abundantly and light flashing, windows rolling up n down and opening and closing. It was instant craziness and slow down to a puttering jumpy ten. Crusing along with only 17 miles from our next camp and interview.

 Breaking down was not the plan but it couldn’t have chosen a better place nor time. As she sputtered out noises not ment for her the rest area appeared magically before us. Oaks speckled the rest area as we pulled in puttering about. Within twenty min scratching our heads looking at our hood and letting er cool down, Tony with a fancy white new BMW offered us a Jump. It was bizare. We’d never ask the help from someone in such a fancy car to jump a mini van. It looked weird to say the least but ever so thankfull we are. Oregon you have some of the nicest people! He jumped us and the van roared to life. We set down the streach to make the next exit. Coburg. BMW man tries to follow us but we insist we are fine. We creep along the interstate side almost ten mph. Booking in down 105. Heavenly smells of motor oils take over my ologfactory and is all I smell as we grind along. She putters along the exit and eases into the Mcdonalds/Shell parking lot which she gave out just as we pulled into the far end parking spot. We all jumped out ready to see her explode or something. 


***When you Change your Tribe you Change your Vibe.***

Normaly we would be screwed. We would find a way back home if we could and start over again. But this time round things are worlds diffrent. So heres the deal. Once upon a time all our friends where partiers and alcoholics. All decent people but when asked to help, would offer little to none. Over the past year we have been changing our flock. Dwindling away the pals of old for likeminded beings.  In other words we embraced our cannabis culture and find/found like minded individuals and dismissed our alcoholic buds of past. We had never meet Steve before and he came rolling up to our rescue! Blessed we are. Watched over we gots to be. Pulled with a rope he tuged our girl to safety. She’ll be worked on as monday rolls around. We are at ease. Not as stressed as one would think. Miles from home and in all terms stranded until things work themselves out. No better place to be stranded then amongst wonderous company in a beautiful nook in Oregon. We got a mini tour of Eugen along our rescue path. Cush coffe is amongst the best I’ve ever had! The enviroment so chill and quaint ♡ Deff stop next time you are in town! I went through the town once and its clung to my mind. Like a train station for lost souls. Just a whole town full of spiritual hippies. 

Thats whats up. We are broken down and winging er. With great wholesome people around every corner we are blessed to be walking the path we are. As a family unit traveling. Looks like we might keep this going. I look oh so forward to the adventures before me! 

Until We Meet Again ☆ 

Under The Same Moon ☆ 


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