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Farmer Toms- Today We Farm –

September 16 -September 17

Today We Farm

My dad showed me his picture and told me to follow and read up on him. I noted how jolly he appeared and his striking white beard. The same jolly quality of a winter celeb we all know by the name of Saint Nick.

Farmer Tom

Farmer Tom is a celebrity in his own right. Been farming, self-taught, since age 12. He is a master of the Arts of the Dirt.  His farm was once a tree nursery which he bought, planted all the trees and has been living and growing on it since 2004. The farm has such a tranquil vibe to it. The grounds overflow with the love that sowed in. With sunflowers bigger than my face alongside blackberry bushes so massive in size which wind along the greenhouses and paths of his quaint farm. His wife Paula greets us with a warm smile and is full of wise worldly wisdom. The barefoot spirit lady of Vancouver. ♡  

His Sun Flower Field September 2016 ♡

We were free to explore the grounds. Roaming about I couldn’t help but look in at his lovely ladies growing. The outdoor plants sending smells which waft about his farm. You’ll be perched by the apple tree reading a book and with a slight breeze his ladies sing hello to you. His history with the plant can be found in records. A true green warrior. The law got hold of him in the 90’s but since he has continued his march to educate and Inform. To drop the stigmas and provide new. With the only private facility which the government can approach and learn about cannabis openly. A Mississippi University being the only other option to the government at this time. You can imagine the differences of education one would get. Standardized college structure or a farmer who has been growing for years one who knows his trade like no other. 

Roach Art left this shiny thing behind back in the pines on Farmer Toms farm.

Amazing it was to break bread and sip morning coffee with this man. A slug of chocolate syrup and a dash of half n half. He stirred my glass and handed it over to me. The same way he takes it. I sip and grin at my sweet coffee.  I sit and listen to him and my dad converse. He interacts heavily with the media and is open to them about his crafts. An experienced organic grower. Who has taken all the steps and is going through all the hoops to help educate, inform, and change. Change and drop the stereotypes that are. His videos with the media hold a structured and educated view. You don’t get by with that 420 stoney advertising craze with this man. He has been in the game and seen the tides come and go. He knows how to sow. 

The Lucky Bunch Farm

The Priest family visit Farmer Tom

My final thoughts. This is a culture. Not only an industry. A lifestyle that’s been about for years just now starting to be accepted, in parts. He is a trooper paving the roads for future generations. I am beyond blessed to have met and stayed with him. His family is beautiful Paula and the dogs, his cat, the chickens and crew. Farmer Tom

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆ 


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