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Rest Area Vampire Chronicles

September 14th 9:47pm Oregon French Prarie Rest Area

We find a nook and a picknick table in the third parking slot of this great overnight place to rest. Better then many campsites and cant beat the price. But I did note the fellow with the top hat hanging along eriely at the other street light. The madre humerously noted how vampire like he seemed. He did have qualities.  He pulled up jumped out and started puffing out smoke. Not too sketch but the top hat akways adds a flare to ones step. Yerning to be noticed within the casting parkinglot shadows. Taking pictures of dasies on the ground. Oh my now hes dancing. Robotic twitching. He reminds me of early childhood kindergarden mornings. Waiting for the bus I would get a show every morning. My dad worked as a Caregiver for a group of residents. Many of who wandered and happily medicated. They wonder why I am so nutty… anyway one resident would sing and dance at the end of the drive way every morning same time rain or shine. Some hippy tucked away in hudson florida. Well I watch this fellow.. he’s chain smoking and talking to the air. Then dancing about. Long coat. top hat. Floka vape. He puffs his magic vape pen and other wordly by the moment. That or hes doing lines of coke and chain smoking and twitching. Be cautious of your local area Vampires at night!

Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆


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