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Washington Adventures

Tuesday september 13th 1:37pm 

Status: In the Van

I have left the forest. . .

Been happily lost and offgrid  in the Olyimpa National Forest the past few days. ThursdayTuesday. Nestled in the midst of evergreens and thick jungle like ferns. Moss coverd trees that tower into the skies. With magical waterfalls and mystical three leaf clovers which clutter the forest flore. Spikey vines and fallen trees battle for ownership of the endless grounds. With wet moss you’ll feel a squish at most every step. Watch out for your friendly slugs! Americas own rainforest

But yes. I will go more into the wonders of the forest another time. For adventure rings true and on we go! 

¤The morning was cold. So wrapping up camp was wet and chilly. We left out early in search of coffee. A journey on yonder back to civilization. The nifty Bee Street Expresso coffee joint in Aberdeen Washington filled us up nicely. With Americano coffees in our bellies we stoped to do some quick thrift shopping. I Nabbed a cute cozy hat, a hippy silky shirt I couldn’t pass up and a cozy sweater. Im  more so adapted to hot dry weathers. Florida born, Sticks raised, humidity so thick its hard to breath. Yeah its no fun. I dwell in southern parts of Colorado nowdays, where its hotter, not mountainous reigon. Flat. Grasslands. Mini Cactus clusters. So heat is high and dry. My mere 110 pounds shiver in the slightest breeze here in lumberjack grounds. My Red Flanel fits in nicely with the terrain. 🙂 

Aberdeen Washington

¤Anywhoo… We are heading to the edges of Seattle today and may stay around the large ass volcano that dips in and out of sight along the interstate /\ Mount Rainier /\.

View at Owens Beach down the walk a ways.

First we stop in the city. Tacoma. Dads got an interview with a Master Breeder and Grower whos uber smart and versatile in the arts of cannabis. Jamal. Super excited to be along this trip. I can’t thank my folks enough for draging the whole darn family along their work trip turning it into a camping trip west coast adventure. Full of culture. The diverse people. I love how cities mingle and mix. Coexisting. The people I get to meet along this trip!! We meet up at Point Defiance Park. The second largest public park in the United States. The first being Central Park in New York City. One day I’ll walk a path through Central Park. 🙂 ☆ Thank my lucky stars. ☆


Fun west coast termanology. Lets chief up”  I haven’t ever heard it actually used before! Old school term I only heard my dad joke about before. Can’t wait to expose myself to more culture. 


 At first I am tasked with the boys, holder of the car keys, and set to go on so they can do the interview without kid interupts. The boys and I end up hikeing away from the water I yern for. Up a set of steps and then across the road we just drove along and up some rocks and a patch of green forest was atop of our climb. Moss mixed with the evergreens with such a magical quality. Sunlight gave the wet forest floor spotlights of warmth. The bay has Mount Rainier at the end of its view. The bay hints of salty ocean with the river water. A musky mix hangs within the bay. The waves softly chopping at the shore. Hints of blunts and ganja drift past my noes. The shore speckled with individuals relaxing by her breezy side.  Parents with kids bikers with dogs. We make our way back to her open view. The wafting smells of a charcole fire up the beach some mix and mingle with the smells of the bay. Owen Beach.  The couple walking the bay holding hands oogling at the view.  🙂  cute.

We ended near the interview picnik table and I had a great conversation about energies and peoples vibes

But first I admired the view and to hear what the local people sounded like. I overheared a couple. The gals overflowing list of needs in her oh so busy life and how she felt too busy for a relationship with the fellow. He sat by listening to her go on feeding her energy. He seemed like a dog with his tail between his legs. He spoke soft to her asking how she felt about it. With her grunting and groaning in response. He seemee defeted. Shoulders slouched

 My dad was open that he was with family and Jamal and his buds where all about it. Brad was amazed me and my brothers, so young as we are, and how in touch we where with what most lack. Basic understanding of plant energies and the toxins people put in the body without realizing. How twisted society has become for the norm to be so harmful to our bodies to fit in. The ways we can change a mind so stuck in the ways of old. With open conversations in places like this with so many walks of life. Sheeple of all kinds walk the same Seattle bay. This time they overhear and expand thinking past idle gossips. If there are other ways to live other then the born/school/work/taxes/death routine thats so standard. Talking with people. Strangers once lost in their own conversations stop and listen. Opening the minds of people around you. Onlookers take perspective from listening to our talks by the water. A true James Redfield vibe. ♡ Jamal’s crew of colorful cats. Marcus, Brad, and Jamal Carry on and Until We Meet Again! 



We are now heading for the coast! To watch the sun set on the ocean! The last time I watched the Sun set along an ocean it was the Gulf Of Mexico in Florida. New Years Eve.Blast off 2016! Watched the fireworks for the new year burst at St Pete. Clearwater.  Onward to the west coast in Washington. To see the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean in the same year! Not even over yet! The adventures life will offer ya if you just leap on the opprotunities at hand. It’s a crazy ride. Five o’clock city traffic crazy! 


6:16 pm

The Evergreens rich green color glows amongst the fall tipped leaves which whisper of its soon approach. Whats the count 9 days till fall!  Ocean shore is 42 miles and we will be pulling up around 7:11 says the GPS.  Twenty mins to spare before sunset. Its a race to the coast. 🙂 Golden yellow hues mix with with the green. Reds and oranges spoted in patches as well. My heart jumps every time. Fall is my favorite season. Its mother natures last grand smile before the winters icey sleep. 

We chase the sun. A childhood past time of mine. 

8:12 pm

The sun was red and beautimus as it fell below the ocean. The waves crashing. Barefoot I walked along puffed lightly on a OG Kush preroll. It was fire. Almost as blazing as the sun. Almost. 

9:12 pm

We decided to treck back to known terrian for the night. The forest she calls out to us. We are on the bendy road back too Olyimpia National Forest “Your moms pussy so dry even the crabs carry a canteen.”-The Priest Family


10:57 pm

I return to the forest! Oh how wonderous my travels be. We return to our familure site and note our firewood got nabbed while the site was left for us. Another night in the forest. ☆ 

Tent set up. Time to sleep. 

-_- ZzzzZZZzzzzZZZzz

Until We Meet Again ☆ 

Under The Same Moon ☆ 


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