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Spring Recorational ~Day 2~

​September 6th.

We set off from Irish Canyon the dirt road took us along and it was not long before we were out of Colorado and on our way into  Whyoming, Utah, and Idaho before reaching Oregon. I couldn’t help notice the trees! The sharp change of landscape from western canyons to, mountains which lacked rocks, then trees started to appear along the interstate. Some kissed by falls egar lips. 
We didnt care too much for our first camp site we found in Oregon. It was right along the road and meant more so for RV camping then tent camping. So we ventured 17miles up the road and it was well worth the voyage!

Wander on down a sketchy black top Snake River Road  that winds up a clif side with a drop off that will make your buthole pucker. On yonder Over a cattle gard that the cattle give no mind too and humerously walk all over anyhow. Scaleing the mountain side for whatever grub they can find, I assume. You’ll come across a nifty camp site along snake river. Tranquil river bank with a peacefull view. The river serves as a boarder here. On this side of the river its Oregon on the other side it is Idaho! Where the sun hugs the mountain sides. Sending endless rays of amber down to luminate its autum kissed banks. Only five bucks to camp and note the fire warning! No fire means no fire. Don’t want to set the hillside ablaze being careless!
Exspecially since the locals are so friendly! And by locals I mean wild deer. A mom and her two babies wandered into our camp as I was bringing our dinner down. Stuff for Ham Sandwiches. I set the ham and stuff down and approached the mom with caution with a slice of bread. A friendly camper whos stayed here over labor day weekend adviced me on if I saw her how to approach earlier when I came across the other campers near the bathrooms.

Needless to say the deer are rather used to people. She was friendly. Had a puppy dog look in her eyes the moment she saw bread in your hand.  She would walk right up to you and eat it right from your hand! Skidish if you reached out to her but egar to eat whatever offered. Other then the grass and natural stuff. She wasn’t into none of that, she wanted the good good! I gave her a slice of wheat bread and bowed my head like to honor her or something and she kissed my forhead or maybe she licked my forhead but I am taking it as she kissed me. It was so sureal. I legit had a snow white disney princess moment!!! I geeked. My family all smileing and feeding her as well in turn. Not to frighten her. All smiles and good vibes. The sun setting as a bread loaf dwindled into smiles and fawn memories. 🙂

The night pressed in and we set off in our tents. The windy mild night lay before us. Along the river hearing crickets chirp softly. It’s a great place off the beaten path with a view and friendly wildlife. 

**Note: Id advice you bring your own food from somewhere not from the local/closest town. Seven bucks for hot dogs up at the local general store. What a steal! >_>

Im laying here still in awe that I had gotten a kiss from a deer and off in the distance now I hear the blow of a train whistel. Thank the stars for the path im on! For the rocky road thats taken me vast and far. Im in awe with the sights around me.
I sit here in my tent hearing the wind blow and the soft river flow thinking of where I came from. How far I have come. Where I have lived. What I have overcame. How I continue on yet… The people who flutter through my life faster then falling leaves and the ones who stay rooted with me. Born, raised, educated, messed up, dusted off,  continued on and now here I be. Blessed is my rocky road. However twisted it may be ♡ young gypse soul. Spring Recorational got me on some kind of level. Good vibes all around.
Until We Meet Again☆

Under The Same Moon ☆


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