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Irish Canyon ~Day 1~

​September 8th 

Decades ago Irish train robers brought stollen loot and riches back to this here canyon. Hid from the law and partied away the stolen riches. Along a dirt road leaving Colorado entering Wyoming is a canyon that holds as much history as it does beauty. What better place to start off our trip? Irish Canyon is where we settle for the night. We set up along some trees at site number 3. Our first nights set up took a few minuets but we got it up. Five tents popped up and we scavanged for wood that lasted well into the night and even left a pop of wood for the next campers!

 The canyon glowed as the suns golden evening rays casted down through the partly clouded Coloado sky. The canyons cliff side was beautiful. We made a five star campfire dinner for our first night.
Nicknamed “Renyolds Campfire Bowl”. 

Made with:

¤ Pork Steaks

¤ Baby Carrots 

¤ Cellery

¤ Yellow Onion

¤ Salt and Peper 

¤ Brown Gravy Mix

¤ Dash of water

¤ Renyolds Aluminum Foil Wrap. ***Wrap three times over for good measure. ***
Wrap up all the ingrediants to look like a Hersheys Chocolate Kiss with an air hole at the top. Make sure to have a good bed of embers before you put your wrapped goodies along flat rocks placed at the edges of your fire or on the grill piece if available. The meat cooks quicker then the veggies do and time is your friend. 35-45min is ideal. Twirling occasionaly. You’ll take the hot foil out of the fire to cut into juices and splendors galore. ♡ The vegitable melody soft to the core, onions sweet and melt in your mouth. Tender pork steak mingles with the gravy juice leaving the carrots and celery defenceless to its exploding flavors. A meal cooked without a pot or pan  that fills and thrills with every bite. A unique campfire meal turned into a life experience and skill. Apply to life as needed.

With full bellies the night chill set in. Star gazeing caused our eyes to gravitate towards the skies as to the glowing embers in the pit below. The night sky speckled with star light galore. So many stars! The colors of the night sky amaze me. Its like you can see other galexys beyond or something. Only 6,000ft above sea level; highet elevation I have ever stayed. The stars and satilites cluttered the sky as a thumbnail moon hung low.  I was tired  and drained from my first days travels and from the exciting build up for this trip! Oh, to be finally on the road!♡

The night was cool and morning crisp. I couldn’t help but to think of the chill that clings to the canyon walls.  I can see why bandits and thieves would hide out here amongst the hot n dry wild west. The skies overcasted when I awoke at six am. I heard a familure engine roar to life within the canyon ran to the van where the heater was on to warm my wee bones. After I saw someone had made a fire I emurged and got blasted with the morning chill.  I stood shivering by the fire as water warmed for coffee.  It’s evident the sun was up but not over the canyon wall yet so I only saw speckled pink and orange cotten candy clouds it left aginst the blue sky behind the canyon. But It was a sight to see, I watched the sun kiss the Irish Canyon good morning. It’s golden yellow rays peck the top of the canyon, almost as if bringing it alive. The glow of it etched into my mind forever more. Can’t wait to go back and sip coffee watching it again.
Irish Canyon a place bandits and thieves party and raved back in the day. Today a quiet chill place to rest your head. A beautiful nook along a dirt path used by outlaws and truckers alike. One hell of a boondock camp sight! Its purple red rocks will having you calling it home in no time. 
Irish Canyon
Until We Meet Again ☆

Under The Same Moon ☆


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