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Pickle Ice Review

Pickle Ice

Dill pickle
flavor frozen ice pop.  

Not only flavored but packed with bunch of benefital electrolytes and sodium which is great for post work outs I hear. 

Come to think on it after running a mile or two around I ain’t keen on a sweet sugary thing resting on my tummy.  I remember my trials and errors of post mile runs in school.  One time someone gifted my tiny 100 pounds one of them crazy big monsters.  The ones with the twist cap.  Well it went down within an hour….  

High school some teachers let you by with eating and snacking in class others not so much. Understandable.  Shout out to all the teachers who do. Anyway it had me beyond hyper. Not the best but it got me through the rest of the day but I was shaky and bouncy on the bus home. Oh how much better off I would have been with a Pickle Ice instead. No junk all the good stuff I need and no tummy ake!

Salty.  Vinegar. 

  • Fat Free
  • No Calories 
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free


Overall It is rather salty and reminds me of pickle juice or a frozen pickle. I enjoyed my treat but could only really take half of it beacuse of the POPSICLE VODO that occurs. You don’t realize it but you are programed to expect sweet every time you take a bite from the cold treat but get pickle burst instead. 

For pickles lovers I say try it!

I like it. Time and place for it but fun nothertheless!


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