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Fuckboys On The Rise 

​I have recently had another unintended encounter with a fuckboy

  Now this term varies in use across the board.  For being a term to belittle the lowest of low a boy can be.  This category is not for “men”. It is for “boys” who have not stepped up to become men yet. Originally a “weak puss ass nigga” from 2004’s Definition states the fuckboy as lacking masculinity.  It’s not too hard to see why “fuckboy” is ever so popular.


It’s immensely satisfying to say — The target is a “boy.” Not a “man.” As I mentioned before.  It’s both wonderfully vulgar and emasculating! All the while using one of my favorite words in my lexicon “fuck”. I don’t use it all the time but its colorful addition slips in many places. 

~*~ How To Spot A Fuckboy.  ~*~

Since their origin,  fuckboys have evolved and adapted to disguise themselves as eligible mates. The core vales and respects a man or boy have are not solidly implemented in the fuckboy gene so his ego is on full blast without give. 
He lives for him self, but usually off of others. For example he lives with his mom but doesn’t respect women. Usually begs for nudes almost instantly. A fuckboy usually follows recent trends such as snap backs and having substantial amounts of swag on hand. Still in 2016 swag haunts the fields. Now days you will find he will blast his favorite G-Easy song while walking the streets looking for Pokémon at all hours of the night. He’s gotta catch them all after all.

Looks Ain’t Everything..  
A guy’s appearance, however tasteless it is, doesn’t make a fuckboy on its own — it’s when those traits are paired with shitty behavior, and the more serious offense the more that fuckboy really shines. 
The ever so charming fuckboy quality of asking for nudes after a mere hello.  Is a fuckboy classic.  Dudes will think with there dicks.  They will even send unsolicited dick pictures your way.  Ladies the rising population of fuckboys is alarming.  2015 was the year of the fuckboy but 2016 shows it’s on a steady rise.  Expose the creeps.  I have picked up some handy responses such as having a mini collection of dick pictures to spam back the fuckboy. I found ladies call this Dick-Roulette. It’s fun but responses may vary.  It was working for me till an equipped fuckboy remarked on his maximum health in compare to the fuckboy colony of Johnsons before. I put stickers over his tiny bits and put him on blast on my social media.  Instantly it got a huge response.  Girls congratulating me on my bravery,  fellow men thankful to see the tides change and a creep exposed.  I soon came to find he had a lady,  she was my post and combined with his fuckboy dismissal of her feelings she bid him ado.  I was blocked soon after by him so I was relieved of dealing with him any more. 
So take note ladies unwanted dick pics can have a response.  It doesn’t have to be a silent battle you must fight alone.  Exposing the fuckboy will give him some needed heat.  
There will always be jerks out there, but at least now we have one more (kinda hilarious) word to describe them. And with no female equivalent in sight. While it isn’t exactly equality, it does give us another way to call out the bad behavior that accompanies unchecked male privilege in the romance department. The ever rising numbers -_-

This ain’t aimed at actual gay dudes, those that in touch with their feminine side, or any Drake-Esq male. I love you guys and the world needs more of you. At least those men are honest about who they are. This is strictly about those frauds that pretend to be hard, project this cocky attitude as if they’re the realest thing since Bety White.  It’s toxifying that the masses have accepted yalls behavior as a status quo. More importantly, I want every Fuck Boy who had this link sent to him, and is reading these words right now like, “I ain’t no Fuck Boy,” to drop that defensive attitude and understand there is nothing wrong with taking self-inventory. If everyone but you sees the bitch in you…then it doesn’t mean they’re hating, it means you’re in denial. 

 Accept what is and start making changes. Perhaps she/he sent you this link to warn you to stop before Dick Roulette or public shaming occurs.  For the life of man kind Stop Sending Unsolicited Dick Pictures.  They are UNWANTED no gal truly wants to see a picture of your dick.  They are not the most pleasant sights in human existence. Personally I’m all for the dick but it’s better in person.  😜 

So here’s a tip. 

Don’t send unsolicited dick pics. 

Especially when your bits are under status quoe.  

Us ladies are over dealing with you. I and many others are exposing you creeps without care.  It’s sexual harassment.  Come at us bro.  I’m done dealing with y’all 😑

Until We Meet Again ,

Under The Same Moon 🌛


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