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The Liebster Award

Eclipsed Words

A huge thank you to Jess from daringtojess for thinking of me while giving this award. I received this award in September. Jess is a fellow blogger friend who has just recently been admitted to Oxford University! (applauds) She is an adventurous soul. Go check out her blog!

Now, here we go!

The Rules

  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Nominate between 5 to 11 other bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions

The Liebster Award

Questions from Jess

1.What are your favourite smells?

This is a tricky question because I am very choosy about particular smells. I hate deodorant and only prefer perfumes of certain choice! Though I love the rose, sandalwood and cinnamon flavour.

2.What do you do when you’re stressed?

I’m going through it right now. I prefer meditating or listening to some soulful music when that happens. Although, if I have…

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DIY Leg Warmers

I’m tinkered inside today due to leftover rains from Huricane Irma battering the volunteer state. With a 70% chance of rain and wind advisory its best to do some projects inside.

With the rain comes cooler weather which has me digging for socks. With a long pair on my toes still feel the chill of autumns arrivals with this storm front. 12 days until fall. This chilly weather is likely to stick after the storm passes.

I come across a diy project I had tried out but never used. I tossed on some Olive green leg warmers I made a few weeks ago from a thin worn Old Navy long sleeve v cut shirt I no longer wore. With the leg warmers on I dashed on my boots and noticed the fairy folk like fold the warmers had.

Neat! I went out in the sprinkles before the storm for last minute runnings around town and my toes where kept toasty. The layer over my socks did wonders and I’m hooked! Got to make more for the chilling seasons to come. Like the Starks chant...

So lets cozy on up together ride this storm out and make some Leg Warmers!

¤ Directions / Instructions ¤

  • Have Materials.
  • Organize materials.
  • Cut shirt sleeves off along arm seams.
  • Try on your homemade leg warmers for size and enjoy your quick and cozy craft.
  • I do hope you enjoy this diy I put together for ya feel free to comment like and share ♡

    Until we meet again. ☆

    Under the same moon. ★

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    Piggs ‘R’ Us BBQ


    BBQ is one of this girls favorite foods.

    I’m also a fan of food trucks. Yes!♥

    Questionable as legends may, folklore of times told. But where they see caution I see a freelance chef’s unique cuisine take flight.

    Enticing smells of a smoking grill wafted through the winds of town. I thought of how yummy someone’s grill smelled.

    I continued to dance in its meaty melodies while walking down the main road to the local grocery store for some pop. Just before the car wash and after the ice machine you find Piggs R Us food truck on weekends and holidays. New to me but a town yum. ♡ Well worth the stop and plop.

    The unique creations of yummy temptations beckoned me off the streets. A BBQ cloth banner flaped it’s flaming promises softly in the wind as I passed by it.

    Excitement with every footstep as I strode across the pebbly grassy parking area they have. Up to the picnic table and truck window where two cheerful ladies opened to welcome us.

    While telling us of Memorial Day deals I decided on the Jumbo BBQ Sandwich that came with two sides. I was sweet talked into trying the sweet apple smoked baked beans and I went with the chips for some crunch. I was walking with my cousin so I asked if it could be halved and she said yes with ease.

    The pulled pork was juicy and delish! BBQ sauce was in a small cup on the side for you to add yourselves. The baked beans where sooo !♡yummy♡!

    I highly recommend Piggs R Us BBQ

    It’s some good eatin. From friendly folk. Available finally in our backyards too! Get your pig on ♡

    Until we meet again. ☆

    Under the same moon. ★

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    Jalapeno Poopers

    Pepperoni Pineapple and Jalapeno Stuffed Crust Pizza how you trick and intice me so. Your past times have been good and golden as your gooey crust deems legends of but this time you are well more then enough. At first the flavors banging just kicking shit. Next thing ya know your next bite has your mouth salivating so fast you start to feel heat rising making you warm and clammy. It shifts to a burn with a dewish sweat as you plummet through this Jalapeno pizza. You question why you induce yourself to such. When did I become such a white bitch who couldn’t handle the heat. Didn’t I once accomplish the wing challenge at Bdubs with ease a day after getting a tooth removed where is that wonder woman now. Where is that feisty flame I lost. For the day after glorious greasy pizza I enjoyed I now feel the burn through bloated constipated goat poops of pure fire ringing hell to my delicate buthole. Flames and pains make me waddle and woe. I curse myself for picking the largest slice and finishing it off champion like, sweating for I braved every last jalapeno of fire upon its cheese layering of toppings. Pineapples held no relief to the jalapenos overwhelming placement.

    Oh I’ll take lessons from this.

    Bet your sweet ass I will.

    Can’t take the heat like I used too

    Until We Meet Again☆

    Under The Same Moon★

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    Wild Whisper

    I am so many mistakes.
    I am so many incomplete thoughts.
    I am flawed as one can be.
    Good intentions woven together with a wild whisper.
    Bold and loud, I wont be mistaken for any other.
    Hard as a brick.
    Strong as they hold up.
    Depends on the weathering of time which I’ll turn out to be.
    Wrecklessly breathing in the stench of the times.
    Here I stand.
    Here I stay.




    Until We Meet Again. ★

    Under The Same Moon. ☆

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    The power of a smile.

    Someone beamed about my nack for always being positive and the other soul went “oh dear that must be exhausting”. When I responded with a quick but complete thought. Its both a blessing and a curse to be so positive. 

    Quite frankly I find the lather more tiresome. The negative nancy and spewing of hate takes so much out of the soul and brings the mood of most down with you. Nothing brings peoole together more then hateing on the same things. Reasons why magazines and talk shows are so popular the talking and focusing on the negatives in the world at the time. The evening news I find to be the utter worst. Spewing endless scare tatic stories to frighten and seperate people. Making lables for people to fall under as so. 

     I prefer to shead light. To complement the cashiers on their makeup and earinngs or tell a gall cute shoes in the store. It spreads smiles and joy. . . Instead of the negative vibes society has grown accustomed too.

    Flashing a smile even can change the course of someones day. It can give someone the will and empowerment to carry on just another day. You ever been in a quiet library and saw someone smile at another and the somber soul brighten up and return a smile without the slightest word. It will creep its was acroas the room and the mood of the area is lightened. ​

    Until We Meet Again 

    Under The Same Moon